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Welcome L’Oreal and Lukšiu Pienine to Telema EDI network

In the first half of 2015, Telema EDI network welcomed many new members. L’Oreal and Luksiu Pienine are just two among 75 new members in total. The large FMCG retailers Maxima, Rimi, Prisma and Selver are continuously developing their EDI processes and attracting new suppliers. Influential suppliers on the other hand bring along new retailers.

In March 2015, Telema was proud to welcome L’Oreal, which in turn resulted in over 100 cosmetic and household stores of Drogas in Latvia and Douglas in Lithuania to join Telema EDI network as well.

In March 2015, the Estonian gasoline retailer Olerex joined Telema network with a chain of 42 stations. In April 2015, the largest consumer cooperative ETK decided to outsource all their internal document flow (around 100 000 documents monthly) to Telema system as well. In June, Telema developed a special 3PL solution between electronics retailer Klick and logistics company Smarten. Starting in May 2015, the large German DIY retailer Bauhaus is receving e-orders via Telema.

In Latvia, many strong producers and distributors joined Telema network. In March 2015, wholesale company Jungent Latvia and a holding company of confectionery producers Pure Distribution brought their document traffic to Telema. In June 2015, Nordea Finance was the first financial institution in Latvia to use Telema eFactoring service. Latvian DIY sector is steadily acquiring new EDI users - the most recent ones to join in January were Instabalt and Santeko.

Telema network is expanding also in Lithuania. Maxima 4-document EDI process implementation is in full swing. In early spring 2015, Lithuanian big dairy producer Lukšių pieninė analyzed options for moving from web-based EDI service to fully automated EDI service. After careful analysis, they chose Telema’s solution as the most secure and reliable service. Lukšių pieninė is looking forward to start e-document exchage also with its other retailers in Telema network like Fresh Market, Rivona, Palink, Rimi and others. Since April retailers can exchange e-documents with Kavos Bankas and Trade Service Baltic UAB, distributor of Henkel production.

You can always find the full customer list on Telema website. Should you wish to connect to new partners, please send a request via Telema Portal.

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Telema connects suppliers to 1000 shops in Finland

As of March 2015, in addition to Prisma stores in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the Baltic suppliers can easily exchange documents with Prisma stores in Finland. This has been made possible thanks to the connection established between Telema and Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta (SOK) with the help of Telema roaming partner Opus Capita. The first Baltic supplier connected was Saaremaa Lihatööstus.

SOK Group Finland offers services in the supermarket trade, the department store and speciality store trade, service station store and fuel sales, the travel industry and hospitality business and the hardware trade. SOK comprises more than 1000 grocery outlets in Finland – in addition to Prisma also S-market, Sale and Alepa stores as well as ABC gas stations.

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Suppliers can now receive EDI orders from Bauhaus

Telema recently activated two pilot projects for Bauhaus to send EDI orders to their suppliers. This is good news for all DIY sector suppliers wishing to receive e-orders from the German retailer’s six stores in Estonia and Finland. The connection is another good example of Telema’s roaming possibilities, this time enabled via Editel.

Next step of the Bauhaus project will be enabling the sending of e-invoices. To activate the e-ordering channel and start receiving orders from Bauhaus directly into your business software, we kindly ask suppliers to contact Telema customer support

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Integrated EDI makes customers happy

Telema’s customer satisfaction responses reveal that integrated EDI clients are two times more satisfied than customers using web solutions. Telema uses NPS (Net Promoter Score) methodology to measure client satisfaction, and the conclusion is based on the results from the last five years.

In 2014, 90% of the EDI customers gave Telema very positive satisfaction rating, ⅔ of them the highest score. The score is supported by hundreds of positive comments like: “Telema service is easy and convenient to use. All questions and problems get fast reply, which shows that customer satisfaction is first priority to Telema.”

It is not too difficult to bring out the reasons why integrated EDI clients are happy:
  • Integrated EDI minimizes manual work - employees do not have to retype the document data many times
  • The less there is manual work, the less there are mistakes - documents and data are error free
  • In Telema network the integrated EDI clients happen to have twice more partners to exchange the documents with. The bigger is the proportions of the EDI partners, the higher the efficiency.

Efficient processes can easily be translated into financial savings and good partner relations. These are the reasons for customers using currently web-based solutions to consider switching to fully integrated EDI solutions.

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Is personal account in Telema Portal important?

If an employment ends with a bang, for whatever the reason, to be able to close the employee’s account promptly might prove vital... Telema Portal users have access to their companies’ sensitive business information like purchase prices and quantities. Account misuse can cause irrevocable damage for the company. That is why it is so important for each user to use their own personal account in Telema Portal. Or for that matter, on any computer and software, ERP and application, not to mention Internet environment.

In Telema Portal, we still see cases where many employees of our customers use one and the same account for logging into Telema Portal. There are even cases where the account in use belonged to an employee who left the company long ago. It is important to acknowledge that it involves a great risk!

User personal account:
  • guarantees the security - prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • enables audit trail - you can track who has done what and when
  • simplifies communication - partners know exactly whom to contact and so do you

These are just a few benefits of having a personal account. Data security definitely outweighs the administrative tasks needed to create one. Over the years, Telema has invested into creating a convenient user account management in Telema Portal. Dedicated Key Users can easily create, change, (temporarily) close and delete the user accounts of the company in Telema Portal.

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