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5 new Certified Partners in Baltics

The beginning of 2015 has been active for the Telema Certified Partners’ team. The first quarter brought Telema three new partners in Latvia. Telema certificate was issued to SIA Tilde for Telema EDI functionality in software Tildes Jumis, SIA Assako Smart who supports the software WinLats, and SIA Batsoft (ERP Kentaurs Integra).

Good cooperation also resulted in different partner events. At the traditional IT partners’ seminars in February and March, Telema explained EDI connectivity issues to 24 new software companies in Latvia and Lithuania. In a seminar organized by SIA Tilde, Telema got the opportunity to introduce Telema EDI Module to the audience of more than 800 accountants. In April 2015, Telema initiated Latvian 1C software support companies roundtable meeting to discuss mutual client benefits, EDI connectivity and cooperation. 1C is a business software from Russia with around 1 million users.

In the second quarter of 2015, Estonian IT-companies BCS Itera, HÄT Systems, Fujitsu and Columbus joined forces and developed Telema EDI Module into the newest software version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. At the end of June, the long awaited Telema EDI connection to the Estonian business software Erply is in its final stage of a pilot customer implementation. Already in summer of 2015, Erply users can start exchanging sales orders and invoices.

Lithuanian IT companies became more active after their “euro projects” were done. By June 2015, Telema has signed Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation with Debetas UAB (business software Debetas), Proringas UAB (business software Pragma) and Stekas UAB (business software Stekas). We are looking forward to certify the new partners who complete the standardized Telema EDI Module development, enabling fast and easy EDI access to the customers.

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Lehe Pruulikoda first user of Telema EDI Module as Microsoft standard

Lehe Pruulikoda, a small local brewery, was the first company to start using Telema EDI Module in MS Dynamics NAV 2015. Telema EDI Module is now certified by Microsoft and officially considered as Microsoft standard, being part of Estonian localization. The license of the module can be publicly purchased together with other NAV 2015 licenses.

Gristel Tali from Lehe Pruulikoda appreciates the easy implementation of the module. It is an out-of-the-box solution that installs easily and does not require further technical assistance. The new NAV EDI module supports 4 documents, enabling suppliers to exchange not only orders and invoices but also despatch advices and receive advices. “Being able to use Telema EDI services directly from our software frees up time for our team. It simply saves minutes and hours off the daily activities. Also data is much more accurate” says Gristel Tali, the owner of Lehe Pruulikoda.

The module implementation can be performed by any of the four MS Dynamics NAV partners in Estonia: BCS Itera, HÄT Systems, Fujitsu and Columbus. All of them will soon be Telema Certified Partners. For Latvian and Lithuanian companies interested in the solution, the module is also available for purchase at a great discount compared to tailor-made solutions.

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Telema and LKVIA gathered trade partners for seminar series

Since January 2015 Telema is a member of LKVIA - Lithuanian Association for Quality Management and Innovation. LKVIA initiated successful EDI seminar series with the guest speakers from Maxima (the biggest retail chain in the Baltics), PricewaterhouseCoopers (consulting company), INFOBALT (National Information and Communication Technology sector association) and Telema.

Two events in Kaunas and Vilnius both gathered more than 70 participants, representing both suppliers and retailers. The program of the seminar included information on different EDI solutions and legal aspects of electronic document exchange. All the attendants appreciated sharing of the practical EDI implementation experience. “I found the seminar very valuable,” wrote Regina Deglienė from JSC Vilniaus majonezo gamykla, “competent speakers answered a lot of questions important questions. Thank you!”

Telema is looking forward to further cooperation with LKVIA. Both organizations are keen on sharing knowledge in the Lithuanian market. Stay tuned for more specialized events and trainings regarding e-document solutions and related topics.

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Telema partners with Swedbank for B2B portal in Latvia

Telema’s latest project in spreading EDI-awareness is the Swedbank Business Network in Latvia. In May 2015, Telema was invited to join the newly built communication platform, and to moderate a forum discussion on Electronic Data Interchange.

The business network is a new communication platform developed by Swedbank Latvia, somewhat similar to LinkedIn. The main idea is to tighten relations between companies having a bank account in Swedbank. Swedbank Latvia wishes to demonstrate that the Internet bank is not only a place to transfer the money, but could also be used for networking, trading and building direct business connections.

The communication platform holds regular discussions, initiated by the network holders. Recently the program has focused on topics like e-signature, e-invoicing and EDI. As a moderator, Valdis Zītars ( Telema Country Manager in Latvia) was invited to explain the meaning of EDI, how it is used, and what are the trends and benefits. The questions and answers of the online discussion can be viewed here (in Latvian).

Read more about Swedbank Business Network in Latvia.

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Another 5 master’s theses on supply chain management

Tallinn University of Technology is producing highly qualified specialists in supply chain management since year 2014. There are interesting master theses written on practical topics that could benefit other companies as well. The spring of 2015 saw another five master theses supervised by Telema CEO Hele Hammer who is also acting as Head of Chair in Supply Chain Engineering at TUT:
  • “Improving shelf availability in Rimi Eesti Food AS” by Kersti Riispapp,
  • “Evaluation of VMI potential in Retail” by Triinu Himma,
  • “S&OP in New Product Launch in Vaasan Group” by Anu Aasmaa,
  • “Supply Chain Performance Evaluation in Estonian SMEs” by Indrek Sabul and
  • “Supply Chain Strategies for New Technology Companies” by Helery Starkopf

The theses were written in Estonian, but the summaries are available in English as well. Should you be interested in any of these works, please contact Hele Hammer at

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